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  • Andrew Lynch

DC: Development Concerns

DC/Warner Bros. have an extensive list of films they are, apparently, developing. Unlike Marvel, it’s public knowledge, which is a poor choice. Now, everyone can see the machinations of developing a cinematic universe, which includes the consideration of multiple projects that will ultimately be cut. Everyone also includes this opinionated schmuck, who feels compelled to give personal and uneducated comments on Warner Bros. slate and see what films are dead-sets or dead on arrival. In light of Walter Hamada’s appointment, questions are now raised as to what Hamada will make of the current slate of DC films.


This feels like a lock considering it was announced with Joss Whedon as director, writer and producer. Most of Warner Bros.’ announcements don’t involve either a writer or director, so the fact it has both, indicates that the studio is confident in Whedon’s abilities, even after the disappointing Justice League results.


Batman is one of the most successful superhero franchises. Since the 60s, with Adam West, Batman has been a cultural touchstone. So, it would be ri-donk-ulous for Warner Bros. to not develop this, and the fact Matt Reeves is still working on it should be an assurance. The big question is: Will Batfleck remain? Or will we see the age of Bat-Hamm or Bat-enhaal?


The Rock is one of the world’s biggest movie stars currently, but doing a BLACK ADAM movie before SHAZAM is ridiculous. Especially when Black Adam isn’t going to be in Zachary Levi’s ‘Shazam’. General audiences have no idea who Black Adam is. Doing a solo film about a villain tied directly to a hero without the hero or setting up the hero is ridiculous. This should be the first piece of fat to be cut from the slate.


Based on ‘Justice League’s post credits scenes and the vagueness of Joe Manganiello’s involvement with ‘The Batman’, Warner Bros. will move ahead with the solo film of comic book’s best mercenary.  The difference from Black Adam here is that Deathstroke is not tied directly to any individual hero, and the attachment of Garth ‘The Raid’ Evans is a strong indicator that we will be getting a martial arts/superhero film that blow audiences away.


This is the DCEU’s Doomsday Button for when the universe OFFICIALLY fails. When they no longer make money, releasing ‘Flashpoint’ will allow Warner Bros. to reboot the entire universe. Ignoring the fact that audiences are not connected with Miller’s Flash or have been introduced to central characters such as Reverse-Flash, Warner Bros. will probably move ahead with this film. Or hopeful change the concept into something audiences need, an origin film. With two directors possibly attached, Warner Bros. may finally have the reboot they’ve been waiting for since ‘BvS’.


Harley Quinn blew up after ‘Suicide Squad’ and Warner Bros. (as they do) overreacted to it and began developing 4 Harley Quinn related films. GCS is unique because it would help build the Batman Rogue’s Gallery and give audiences a proper on-screen Poison Ivy. With the success of Margot Robbie and the shock realization that female-lead superhero movies can be financially successful, GCS has the potential to be a hit (so long as David Ayer steps aside as director, given the poor reception to his two recent films).


Here is when Warner Bros. lose it. FOUR Harley Quinn related films are unnecessary. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. It is unnecessary to do a Harley Quinn SOLO movie as Harley only works when (like Deadpool) interacting with the rest of the universe, whether it be with her puddin’ or BFF (Best Feline Friend) or Red (Poison Ivy). Also, I doubt Margot Robbie has enough time and energy to do this.


Given the lack of Leto Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’, it makes sense to pair the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ of Gotham together. However, with the supposed Scorsese Joker film and Leto’s possible involvement in ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and ‘Gotham City Sirens’, there should be enough chances to unite the King and Queen of Crime, without making a specific film for it.


Based on the poor financial reception, a sequel to ‘Justice League’ is a distant glint in Warner Bros. eyes. Based on the films post credit scene, Warner Bros. are aiming to build an Anti-Justice League and (smartly) will be taking time to build and establish this team. Instead of cramming them all into one film after establishing them through a series of vignettes after one character opens a video file (cause that would be stupid). This will take time to do, which would also give audiences the chance to build back trust in Warner Bros. and DC.


This film has been in development hell (how appropriate) for yonks. Guillmerro del Torro was initially attached, but left before Doug Liman was attached, who (surprisingly) also departed. Introducing more mystical aspects of the DC Universe would help separate DC from Marvel who still struggle to call Thor’s world magic and have yet to embrace the full bonkers magic of Doctor Strange. It would be beneficial to release a supernatural/horror superhero film,  to add some need flavour to the genre and with Hamada’s horror experience, Dark might be more heavily pushed.


An argument can be made that ‘BvS’ is technically a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, but the lack of Superman screen time contradicts this. With Cavill finally given the chance to play a comic accurate Superman in ‘Justice League’ he deserves the chance to show that charisma in a solo film that is clearly structured, with good visual effects and a compelling villain. This should be fast-tracked, as fast as a speeding bullet.


‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is one of the best superhero films to date that honours the legacy of the character and is enjoyable for all ages. Director Chris Mackay knows Batman and his Family, and he deserves to introduce Nightwing and hopefully the rest of the extended Bat Family. With ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’s success, Warner Bros. must be quietly confident in Mackay’s skills to produce a fun DC film that doesn’t sacrifice the character.


Given its critical success, it’s certainly a lock that ‘Suicide Squad’ is getting a sequel. And a sequel may be the soft reboot the characters need, especially with a new director in Gavin O’Connor, who’s known for ‘Warrior’ (2011) and ‘The Accountant’ (2016). Warner Bros. will push to have this released in hopes for another surprise (and hopefully deserved) box office hit.

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