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There was a brief 10-minute panel with the star, director, producer and writer for The Flash which gave a couple of insights into the film.

There was the usual spiel about how the film has “heart” and blends “Andy’s (Muschietti, the director) tone of scary and funny”.

One of big takeaways is how important the DC Multiverse is going to be to the film. Ezra Miller, the star, stated how the Multiverse was first introduced in The Flash #123 ‘The Flash of Two Worlds’.

In a separate panel, DC President Walter Hamada confirmed that the DC Multiverse is a priority and will allow for films like Joker to be made.

In the montage of clips related to the Multiverse mention were Watchmen (movie and TV series), Constantin, Superman: The Movie and a host of other films that were surprise inclusions.

To cap it all off, Andy Muschietti showed off some concept art of the film which show a new depiction of The Flash’s lighting, the Speed Force and a brand-new costume for the Fastest Man Alive.

Muschietti described the suit as “more organic” with light running through the suit, much like the New 52 costume and revealed that the suit was built by Barry’s ‘friend’ Bruce Wayne.

The other big reveal in the concept art is The Flash fighting alongside Batman, specifically, Michael Keaton’s Batman based on the outfit in the art.

The Flash looks to be an important film for the DC Universe as it will help to establish the Multiverse which seems to be the foundation for Warner Media’s new direction for their cinematic universe.

The Flash rushes into theatres 3rd June, 2022.

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