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Rocksteady have shown a cinematic trailer for their next DC project, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The trailer opens up with Brainiac (alien robot) floating above Metropolis as his drone invade the city and Amanda Waller calls orders to the Squad.

In true Squad fashion, they’re doing jack-shit and lounging about as everything explodes around them before they are forced to take out some of them showing of their unique traversal techniques.

Deadshot has a jet pack, Harley Quinn swings around like a certain Web-Head, King Shark bounds around and Captain Boomerang can move like his archenemy, The Flash when he throws a certain boomerang.

The end of the trailer shows Superman arrive much to the Squad’s praise…before he eviscerates a pilot with his Heat Vision.

It is then that we see Supes’ eyes are now purple and that he (and presumably the Justice League) has been taken over by Brainiac.

In a post trailer interview hosted by Will Arnett (random), no gameplay was shown but there was talk about the unique traversal styles, fighting mechanics and the single player and co-op options of the game.

Players will get the choice to play as all 4 members and either pick one and be joined by AI or play online with 2-4 of your own Squad in story missions.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out 2022 and gameplay wise, reeks of the recent Marvel’s Avengers, which has not been well received. Only time will tell until we see actual gameplay.

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