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After much speculation, director James Gunn has announced the casting of his The Suicide Squad film.

At the DC FanDome virtual panel, Gunn answered a few fan questions, revealing things like his love for John Ostrander’s original The Suicide Squad comic book run, the fun he had writer Harley Quinn as a “chaotic, trickster god” and his favourite DC villain is Bat-mite.

The big news is the cast of villains Gunn as added to the Squad. Characters like Amanda Waller, Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang are returning with the same actors and some new digs.

The fresh blood to Task Force X are:

Michael Rooker-Savant

Flula Borg-Javelin

David Dastmalchian-Polka-Dot Man

Daniela Melchior-Ratcatcher (II)

Idris Elba-Bloodsport

Steve Agee-King Shark

Mayling Ng-Mongal

Peter Capaldi-The Thinker

Alice Braga-Solsoria

Pete Davidson-Blackguard

Nathan Fillion-TDK

Sean Gunn-Weasel

John Cena-Peacemaker

Gunn ended the panel (which was mainly a quiz with the cast and roast of Michael Rooker) with a BTS featurette of the film which shows the films tropical locations, the colourful costumes and Gunn’s promise to be “different than any superhero movie ever made”

In the video, Peter Safran, the film’s producer, calls the film a “gritty 1970s war movie combined with the brilliance of James Gunn’s character and comedy”.

The 70s war movie in question is most likely The Dirty Dozen, which Gunn pointed to as an influence in the Q&A section, and is about a US team of prisoners who must infiltrate German lines in a black ops mission. So, the Suicide Squad then.

Gunn also revealed that his effects team, who worked on the Guardians of the Galaxy films, believe that this film has more effects than both those movies, combined! So yeah, this might be pretty hectic.

The Suicide Squad this theatres 6th August, 2021.

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