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Zack Snyder debuted the first footage from his Cut of Justice League, a film long in the waiting. Fans demanded the Cut since the theatrical release in 2017 and you can read the history of the fan movement and the making of Justice League here.

For now, let’s breakdown some of the new footage from the Snyder Cut trailer:


Snyder comes out swinging with the first shot being of the ultimate DC villain, Darkseid, a character absent from the theatrical cut besides a namedrop by the villain Steppenwolf.

He is seen in what is a flashback sequence in the film so he is not likely to fight the League directly, but through his lieutenant Steppenwolf who also has gone through a massive redesign.

Instead of the smooth, grey, poorly rendered monster in the theatrical cut, Steppenwolf in the Snyder Cut is still grey, but with more jagged edges and moving parts.

There is also a quick shot of new Apokaliptian character, Desaad who is Darkseid’s right hand monster/demon thing. The brief glimpse doesn’t give much away except that Desaad appears to be on Earth and most likely in the flashback sequence which would mark another completely new scene not seen in the theatrical cut or any previous Snyder teases.

Knightmare World

There is a quick shot of the same location seen in the Knightmare World sequence from Batman v Superman where Bruce Wayne witnesses a world where Superman turns evil.

The scene shows the Hall of Justice, the JL's headquaters, with Aquaman's Trident impaled in the ground as fire and ask spew from ships onto the surface.

This world was something that was going to be spread out over multiple films with Superman being turned by Darkseid and the remaining heroes sending The Flash on a time travel mission. This will obviously be cut or condensed to this movie, but it demonstrates how much free reign Snyder was given back with his movie.

Cyborg Footage

One character who was under utilised and diminished in the theatrical cut of the film was Cyborg, who seems to be getting his dues in this Cut.

There are shots of him pre-Cybrog as football star, Victor Stone; him as Cyborg digging up a cemetery; witnessing his father being obliterated and in some dream sequence where he is human again, and can control missiles.

Snyder promised in a Q&A prior to the trailer that “Cyborg is the heart of the movie” and there will be tons of new footage for him, as well as another character.

Flash Footage

The Flash is also getting more screen time in this film, with new shots of Barry Allen rescuing a woman from a car crash. The woman is Iris West, The Flash’s future wife and played by Kiersey Clemons and the scene was leaked before but only in early, rough effects format.

There is another shot which shows The Flash enveloped into some kind of dome or other dimension, potential the Speed Force. The Speed Force is a reality of pure energy which is where The Flash, and other speedsters, gain their speed.

The scene continues with The Flash slowly starting to run in typical cinematic, Snyder slow motion.

Black Suit

While already shown earlier, the trailer shows off more footage of Henry Cavill’s Superman wearing the Black Suit made famous by The Death of Superman comic storyline.

The Suit was rumoured to be in the film for a while, following Supes’ death in Batman v Superman and was dismissed when Cavil was seen on set wearing the traditional red and blue. That was all a ruse it appears with Snyder digitally altering the suit to be the Black Suit. We’ll never know if he planned to use the Black Suit originally, or if he’s going all out on what will surely be his last DC superhero film.


The only dialogue in the trailer is The Flash’s concern that Steppenwolf will have no problem defeating the League if he has already conquered other alien worlds.

Batman’s response is that he hasn’t “fought us united” as the trailer ends with a shot of the League united, in what is the aftermath of their final battle.

This trailer was weird tonally (thanks in part to the weird use of Hallelujah) but has that trademark Snyder visual flare and some new and mysterious sequences that will be exciting to see. Wish it was under better circumstances, but at least we finally get to see Snyder’s artistic vision for the DC team-up film.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut is out sometime 2021.

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