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REACTION SHOT-WandaVision Trailer

The first trailer for WandaVision, the first Marvel/Disney+ series, shows the unique tone and reality bending setting of the superhero show. Plot details have been tight-lipped, but we know the series from Mark Shakman (Game of Thrones, Mad Men) sees Wanda Maximoff and The Vision stuck in various decades, inspired by TV sitcoms of the decades.

The series is also influenced by Tom King’s graphic novel, Vision and The Scarlet Witch & The Vision mini-series from the 80s which saw Vision and Wanda, live the suburban life in New Jersey, with all the usual superhero antics including the homicidal brother of the person The Vision’s mind was based on. Comics are weird.

This trailer definitely leans into the TV influences and the psychological-thriller aspects of it. There are numerous sitcom references and even a hint towards the larger Marvel universe, a new superhero and a potential reason behind this trip through the small screen.

I Dream of Wanda

The trailer begins in the black-and-white, 4:3 format of TV shows prior to the widescreen TV. It evokes the style of 60s sitcoms like I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie and more directly Bewitched. The domestic, Americana setting and the hijinks of Wanda’s mystical powers are very much in line with the 1960s show.

We see Wanda use her powers to disguise Vision’s android aesthetic and set the dinner table with but a swish of her fingers. Even the sparkle around Vision as he transforms evokes the title design of Bewitched.

This isn’t the end of the series’ (well, at least the trailer’s) references to various sitcoms. In this black-and-white setting, Wanda & Vision host a dinner party with assumedly their new neighbours. One of the party members is played by Debra Jo Rupp, who played Kitty Forman on That 70’s Show.

Married with Mutants

Next, Wanda and Vision enter the wonderful world of colour as their world fades into colour and the trailer moves into 70s and 80s sitcoms. There are similarities to shows like The Brady Bunch and Married with Children, with the image of Wanda and Vision nursing two babies.

In the comic book story, House of M, Wanda suffers from the depression of her failed attempt to ‘create’ twins for her and Vision and she accidentally uses her reality altering mutant powers to make mutants and superheroes the dominant species on the planet.

Perhaps this journey through TV’s history is a result of her grief over the death of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War. We see her having control of this world as she sits in a living room and changes the furniture to be modern. We’ll get to what this world might actually be later in the trailer.

The Synthezoid and The Mutant Sorceress

See this is why it’s better if things aren’t comic book accurate. We see both characters dressed up for, assumedly, a neighbourhood Halloween party. Their costumes are ripped straight from the comics of their first appearances. It’s a fun nod and also reminder that comics are inherently silly. Why does Vision need a high-collar like a vampire? Who cares!

We do see The Vision in his normal appearance later as he surveys the neighbourhood and encounters a woman dressed in a cheap, witch outfit, physically frozen in her car. It’s only when Vision touches her that she becomes ‘alive’. Except for the fact that she believes she is dead because Vision is supposed to be dead.

The character is played by Kathryn Hahn, who appears in the different decades alongside Wanda and Vision. She is the only one in the trailer who is seen to cross decades with the pair. Perhaps she is the cause of everything or is there to monitor the pair for a new government agency that is glimpsed at the end of the trailer.


At the end of the trailer, we see a woman in 1970s clothes being hurled by Wanda’s Hex powers before that bursting through some energy shield/bubble/thing and ending up in the modern day surrounded by generic government types; suits, black SUVs, floodlights, you get the picture. The woman is most likely Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris. Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, the best friend of Carol Danvers seen in Captain Marvel.

In the comics, Monica was called Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers and first appeared in the 1980s. She is able to transform her body into various energy like light, radio, electricity and ultraviolet. She is a long-time member of The Avengers and even leads them before changing her name to Spectrum.

We don’t get any hint of any powers in the trailer but the hint she works the agency that surrounds her. This agency, based on a cast list on IMDb, could be S.W.O.R.D, the Sentient World Observation and Response Department. They are like the intergalactic version of S.H.I.E.L.D, who defend Earth from alien threats instead of human. S.W.O.R.D may be behind Wanda and Vision’s ‘suburban life’ for some sinister but altruistic reason.

Vision and Wanda are not the only returning MCU characters, with Kat Denning’s Darcy Lewis from the Thor films and Randall Park’s FBI agent Jimmy Woo from the Ant-Man films returning. They could also be caught up with S.W.O.R.D as new recruits.

WandaVision looks to be a trippy superhero series which could help to expand the MCU with new groups and heroes and possible the return of Vision from the dead. There is no release date for the series, just the confirmation that it will be on Disney sometime in 2020.

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