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Reaction Shot: WONDER WOMAN 1984

Kicking off the DC FanDome online event was the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 which had a quick 25 minute virtual Q&A with fan submitted questions from around the world including Malaysia and Japan. Not much was revealed during this besides the out-of-no-where appearance of tennis superstar Venus Williams who asked who would win in a tennis match between Wonder Woman and Cheetah which you don’t get a normal convention.

The last guest was the OG Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter who starred as the Amazonian in the 1970s TV show. Her appearance was welcomed by the cast who praised her for “paving the way” for not only their superhero movie, but all other female lead superhero movies.

After that, director Patty Jenkins debuted the 2nd Official Trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. Below is a breakdown of the big moments and reveals about the movie:

Return to Themyscira

The opening of the trailer sees us return to Wonder Woman’s home, Paradise Island, where a young Diana competes in the Amazonian equivalent of the Olympic games. As Diana competes in the lavish arena, the trailer intercuts with adult Diana running down the chaotic streets of Washington DC. The cause of all this chaos?

Maxwell Lord

One of the big bads for this film is Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal who is seen in the trailer in the White House Press Room across screens all over the world. He promises “anything you dream of you can have it” as the trailer cuts to Wonder Woman and the other villain of the film, Cheetah, receiving what they want. Lord’s ability to grant wishes may come at a price though as we see later in the trailer, and which may explain the chaos that Wonder Woman hurries through in Washington DC.

Steve Trevor is Back

The biggest mystery of the film is how Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor has returned after sacrificing himself in a plane explosion. Potentially, Lord’s powers has given Diana want she wants which is to have Steve back in her life. However, this gift may not last as we see a jaded Diana in later DC films like Batman v Superman, as if she has lost all hope after losing Steve for a 2nd time. Diana is not the only character who may have their life ruined by Lord’s wishes.

Barbara Minerva

Before her feline transformation, Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wig, looks reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle with the oversized glasses and curly hair. She later says “I wanna be an apex predator” as she does her best Tom Cruise run. She then says “You’ve always had everything. While people like me have nothing”, presumably her falling out with her friend Diana Prince (Wondey). Then she is seen facing off against the Amazonian in the White House in a more punk aesthetic and displaying impressively fast reflexes to tackle WW.

The Invisible Jet?

Then there is a montage of various action sequences including a highway chase with Diana wedged between two trucks; using her Lasso like a propeller in mid-air; and the first meeting of Cheetah and Max Lord who promises her “more”.

After there is a fun exchange as Diana and Steve attempt to steal a plane before Diana informs Steve of the breakthrough technology of radar which picks up their attempt escape. After is a shot of the two in the cockpit surrounded by what look like fireworks.

While not certain, there is only one famous jet in the Wonder Woman mythos which is the Invisible Jet which this could be a hint towards. However, if our hero can already fly, based on the trailer, then there probably isn’t much need for it but it could be a nice nod to the fans.


The big reveal of the latest trailer is the appearance of the fully transformed Barbara Minerva into Cheetah. She is seen in all her furry glory as she fights WW in her Golden Eagle armour. Cheetah is seen leaping around Wonder Woman and even turning her Lasso against her. She is definitely a physically formidable foe for WW as the pair match each other for speed and strength.

80s Fashion

The trailer ends on the trailer staple of a joke, with Steve Trevor introduced to 80s fashion and all its boldness. He models a US flag fanny pack before trying on parachute pants which baffles him as to how often people are parachuting.

The trailer is a bright, colourful trailer that shows off some slick action scenes, emotional weight and layered villains, all improving off of the original film. WW84 is still one of the most anticipated films of the year, and is the bit of hope that audiences need right now. The film hits theatres 2nd October 2020.

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