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This week; Netflix released trailers for 2 upcoming movies, Mandalorian casting revelations, Ruby Rose hangs up the Bat-cowl, Sony are expanding the SPUMC (ugh), Nolan's Tenet has a new trailer and the impossible happened...The Snyder Cut will be released.

Da 5 Bloods Trailer

Spike Lee’s upcoming film finally has a trailer.

Da 5 Bloods follows African-American Vietnam verterans that travel back to Vietnam to retrieve their commander’s body and the gold treasure that he buried with them during the war.

Recently, it was announced the film would be released on Netflix.

After his award-winning joint, Blackkklansman, Netflix are probably looking to Lee to give them their Oscar contendor for the year, in the vain of Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman or Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma.

Da 5 Bloods will be available on June 12

Legally Blonde 3

Legally Blonde 3 is officially happening. Cause Trump is running out of speeches to plagiarise.

Mindy Kaling (Never Have I Ever, The Office) is partnering with Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to write the script.

Reese Witherspoon, who plays Elle Woods in the films, will be returning according to Deadline.

A script was in the works 2 years ago from Legally Blonde writers Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah, but Kaling and Goor’s version will be a completely new version.

Scream 5 Casting

Scream 5 may see the return of franchise staples.

Neve Campbell, who plays the recurringly terrorised Sidney Prescott, is in negotiations to appear in the reboot-not-a-reboot of the Scream franchise.

Campbell said in a Rotten Tomatoes interview, “We’re having conversations…we only started the conversation maybe a month and a half ago”

Alongside Campbell, THR reports that David Arquette will return as the unfortunate Sheriff Dewey Riley.

This will make it 5 from 5 for appearances by these actors in the series, with only Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers left to complete the trio of Ghostface verterans.

Series creator Wes Craven was originally going to direct Scream 5 and 6 before his untimely death in 2015.

Ready Or Not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are directing with the film set for a 2021 release.

Ruby Rose Out As Batwoman

Ruby Rose has left the lead role in the CW/DC TV series Batwoman.

Rose left the show after its Season 1 finale and said, “This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show”

CW have said that they will push on with the renewed second season of Batwoman by recasting the lead role, particularly one from the LGBTQI+ member as Batwoman herself is lesbian.

The rumour is that Rose left due to dissatisfaction with the lengthy work requirements which lead to tensions on set.

The internet have, of course, already recast the role themselves after Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, merely tweeted her ‘research’ on Batwoman.

Timothy Olyphant Role in The Mandalorian Revealed

Recently, Justified star Timothy Olyphant was cast in The Mandalorian in a mysterious role, which now may have been revealed and thrown everyone off guard.

Olyphant it is reported by SlashFilm, was seen on set wearing Boba Fett’s outfit.

Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett and voices Boba in The Empire Strikes Back, joined the cast with many assuming he would play Boba.

This lends weight to the theory that Morrison is playing Clone Trooper Captain Rex from the The Clone Wars series, and not Boba Fett.

Olyphant’s character would most likely be Cobb Vanth, who was introduced in the recent Star Wars: Aftermath book trilogy by Chuck Wendig.

Vanth is a self-proclaimed sheriff of Tatooine settlement, Freetown who wears a Mandalorian armour retrieved by Jawas from the wreckage of Jabba The Hutt’s Sail Barge, where Boba Fett seemingly perished.

If none of that last sentence made sense, then this TV series might not be for you.

Still, casting an actor known for playing a roguish, law-man to play a roguish law-man seems apt.

The Snyder Cut is Real

Hell must have frozen over, because the infamous Snyder Cut is real and it will be officially released.

Zack Snyder announced with Henry Cavil at the end of Man of Steel livestream watch-party that his full version of Justice League will be finished and released on the HBO Max streaming service.

With a budget of $20-30 million, Snyder is reuniting with the post-production crew of Justice League to re-edit the film and add new and finish old visual effects.

Credit: Warner Media

Snyder, who has not seen the theatrical version of the film said, “It will be an entirely new thing, and, especially talking to those who have seen the released movie, a new experience apart from that movie”.

The blindside reveal comes after years of fan protests, and support from Snyder and the entire Justice League cast, such as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa.

For details on what the Snyder Cut is and the history behind it, check out a retrospective break down of it here.

Justice League: Snyder Cut is set to be released some time early 2021 on HBO Max.

Female-Focused Sony Spider-Man Movies

Sony continue to expand their Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC). Still, sticking with that name, huh?

S.J. Clarkson, who is known for TV works on Jessica Jones, Succession, and Dexter, is tapped to develop a mysterious Marvel project for Sony.

The only hint is that it may be female-focused film, which Sony have attempted before with a Silver Sable & Black Cat movie, but this film may focus on the mystic Madame Web.

Jackpot & Madame Web

Also this week, Sony announced another female superhero project, this time from Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

Guggenheim is developing a movie about Jackpot, a character with a typically complicated comic book backstory, but the essentials are she is crime fighting mum with super strength.

The SPUMC (it sounds gross to say and write) started with Tom Hardy’s Venom, and continues with Venom: Let There Be Carnage releasing June 2021, and Morbius March 2021.

Tenet Trailer

The prophesised Saviour of Cinema, Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet has a new trailer, and we fortunately still have no idea what the hell is going on.

Tenet has been the only movie this year to not budge from its original release date of July 17.

However, this trailer does not end with a date but the assurance that the film is Coming To Theatres and the film’s Twitter account briefly removed its release date, before returning it.

While some countries are slowly returning to a semblance of normalcy, Warner Bros. may not be 100% confident that the film will come out on July 17th.

The trailer itself, gives away no plot except the confirmation that the sci-fi device/concept/plot mechanic isn’t specifically time travel but time “inversion”. Whatever that means.

All we need to know is that one of the most creative directors has a new movie coming out that is mandatory to see in cinemas...when they are open.

M:I 7 Swaps Villain Actor

While on production hiatus, the Mission: Impossible 7 crew has still been working, and recast a major role.

Esai Morales will replace Nicholas Hoult as the film’s villain, as well as in Mission Impossible 8 which is to be a Part 2 to M:I 7.

The replacement is not the result of any ‘bad blood’ but the delayed shooting resulting in conflicting schedules for Hoult.

This may be the first of many cases of actor’s schedules clashing and them dropping out of projects.

The Old Guard Trailer

Lastly, Netflix have released a trailer for their latest comic book-adaption/generic action movie, The Old Guard.

Starring Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Old Guard is based on a graphic novel by Greg Rucka about immortal soldiers who fight an evil corporation, blah blah blah, protect the world, you get the idea.

The trailer while devoid of any colour or originality, shows snippets of some hopefully brutal action sequences, with Theron utilising her Atomic Blonde skill set.

Hopefully this delivers in a way similar to Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction, with the selling point being memorable action sequences.

The Old Guard is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and will be released on Netflix, June 10.

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